Tuesday, 16 June 2015


Do you really want to know?

I’ve been in and outs of everything to do and I don’t even want to show my deepest core.
I’m lost I’m scared I move so unprepared
My presence always there but my mind can’t take your stare.
No,I do not want to see you anymore!
No,I need to be alone with no remorse!

I just needed you to leave and close the door and don’t let anybody in so I can feel it on my own, because it is o
n my own that I will bloom.

I wanna know about life
Cause they don’t know about nothing, Not a thing no clue to what’s even true.

I’ve been questioning my life and the things I gotta do.

Beautiful quest I’m blessed but hella stressed because I’ve never been obsessed with seeing figures on the cheques.

Look at me right now, you tell me I’m your warmth, I’m scared as shit right now, 

I’ve been feeling insecure, I’ve been feeling open wounds
I just feel my life is ruined, think I realized it too soon.

I’m really just trusting myself and everyone in the world because everyone is the world and everyone is a world within them. I’m leanin for the vibe and enjoying your celebration of the rhyming when no one categorizes trying any individual finding themselves.

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