Thursday, 4 June 2015

Prison Break

okay, the past 4-5 months haven't been the best. I subjected myself to clinging on to a heart promised to someone else.Recently I have been chatting to this guy on facebook, shortly after I accepted  his friend request.

He seems like a nice guy, well so far he has been nothing but sweet although his english isn't so well written, but this is because he is of Russian origin. Did I mention he is Russian? lol I know right? oh well seeing as I have been suffering from the princess syndrome lately i was bound to fall onto the idea of having an international affair. after weeks of chatting he said he has something to tell me before we get deeper into our talks. Now you can imagine how nervous I am as I read this.
Few seconds after, he reveals to me that he is in prison! WTF?????????????? COME ON, NOT AGAIN. It seems as though I am a magnet for emotionally unavailable men and bad boys.
I then asked him what he is in for and with no hesitation he said "MURDER" now at this point I'm really freaked out.

On the real though, I guess I wasn't that freaked out because I am still chatting to him. I guess apart of me feels comfort in knowing that my problems are nothing compared to the problems of other unsuspecting souls and also because I can vent my frustrations to someone who is a total stranger and not judgemental.
I am at a point where i need someone to talk to and not worry about them rolling their eyes at me and giving me a condescending tone, because with my short temper, chances of me slapping the piss out of them are high.

He tells me that he has changed and that he is getting out of jail next year. I asked him what his plans are in terms of employment, but his not educated so the chances of him turning back to running the trap are high. I also found out that he is incarcerated around where i stay so I am very tempted to go visit him. Call me crazy if you must but i honestly do not care.
Me and this this guy whom I will refer to as "Dragon" are not so different. We are both in prison. I have been locked inside my own head with my cold thoughts for a while now and talking to Dragon has helped me set bits of myself free from the shackles of society.

Who am I not to give him a chance and hear him out? Shit, I have done some pretty messed up things that people are not aware of, I got lucky I didn't get caught. I have not killed a man but sin is sin in the eyes of the Almighty.  So I am going to keep chatting to him and see how far it goes.

And besides, he is pretty good looking. If he wasn't in jail I would probably be meeting him for drinks today after work. lol #Justsaying

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